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    When Two Hearts Meet..( R18+)


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    When Two Hearts Meet..( R18+)

    Post  Fallen on Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:49 am

    When Two Hearts Meet
    They long to become one
    Not wanting to ever retreat
    They never leave things undone.

    So walking together under the stars
    They stop, gaze to the heavens above
    This journey of coming from afar
    Has been drawn together with love.

    This love burns on with desire
    Looking forward with more to come
    Not wanting to put out the fire
    Can only become envy to some.

    Holding each other tightly embraced
    They kiss, and kiss, and kiss
    Breathing now is unevenly spaced
    Their minds not comprehending this.

    So with passion from deep inside
    It is inside the house they have went
    Exploring of each they have applied
    Their energies now have been spent.

    Being fulfilled, cuddling, they talk
    Murmuring thoughts of sentiments
    Another day they too may walk
    Discussing their intimate moments.

    And as they go forward onwards in life
    Soon new life has been born
    Sometimes struggling along with strife
    They find themselves down and worn.

    But abiding with god by their side
    Listening to what has been advised
    It does not hurt to ask or confide
    It is another sign of being wise.

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    Re: When Two Hearts Meet..( R18+)

    Post  HAQ on Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:20 pm

    When Two Hearts Fall Madly In Love

    When Two Hearts Fall Madly In Love,
    heir hearts beat faster and deeper than normal.
    There is nothing unusual,

    They stare deep into each others eyes,
    silently telling one another that there must be no lies,
    and if there will be love and lust,
    there must be between us trust.

    Standing there only inches apart,
    no one or nothing else could be heard,
    not even a weep nor even a bird.

    When Two Hearts Fall Madly In Love,
    they fall head over heels,
    and not one feels like arguing,
    even when push comes to shove.

    You know the deal.
    They ignore it or them,
    and continue to pursue the other’s thoughts,
    and their feet seem like lead.

    Nothing or no one can separate them,
    no matter what they think or try to do.

    When Two Hearts Fall Madly In Love,
    that when they stand so close together,
    not even an inch apart.

    Their eyes meet,
    and they can feel each others body heat,
    and so quiet,
    they can even here the thumpity thump
    of their hearts beat.

    Sunshine rain or snow or sleet,
    it matters none of weather.

    Their hands touch,
    but their feelings for one another are just too much.

    Their bodies begin to tremble,
    something they can no longer handle.

    They gently embrace,
    and at times a tear or two slowly trickles
    down their face.

    And with nothing amiss,
    they passionately kiss,
    and make love.

    These and more,
    all of the above,
    when two hearts are sore for love,
    and it all happens When Two Hearts Fall Madly In Love.

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