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    Male 33 years with 33 children Begs Court of money


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    Male 33 years with 33 children Begs Court of money

    Post  HAQ on Tue May 22, 2012 2:38 am

    Remember the guy from 33 years with 30 children from 11 different baby moms? It's baaaack and begging the courts to seek state aid.
    33 year old Desmond Hatchett, Knoxville, Tennessee, reported a record Knox County for the number of children who have been playing with individual women, including one who worked for Victoria 's Secret.
    However, Hatchett claims to be victim of its own success with the ladies, as has become unable to make payments of child support and was back in court again this month to ask for help.
    Only through a minimum wage law Hatchett is half of your paycheck taken from him by the state every month which is divided among his 30 children.
    In theory, Hatchett obligations to their children they would pay between $ 25 to $ 309 to the mothers of his football team.
    After half of his salary will be deducted, the fertile father is only able to provide the mother of his children: $ 1.49 A MONTH! SMDH!
    Payments for child support is based in part on the age and needs of children and Hatchett has 33 years of age, oldest child is 14 years old and the youngest is a toddler.
    Desmond explained to Fox2Now.com how everything snowballed out of financial control to him: "I had four children in the same year. Twice."
    When asked in a television interview if you can "keep up with everything," the 33-year-old said he knows all their names, ages and dates of birth.
    In 2009, when it first appeared in court on charges that the majority of mothers not receiving child support, which had 21 children.
    At that time, he said he was not going to breed more children, but eventually had nine more in the last three years.
    He said: "I did not intend to have this, which just happened." WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW SORRY.
    So many of you have wondered who the hell are these women? The 11 women seeking child support payments Hatchett all live in the Knoxville area of ​​the city.
    WTF! ICAN'T BELIEVE: The State can not order Hatchett to stop making babies. He has not violated any law, the report said. He, however, set a record for Knox County for its ability to produce.
    Through "bl

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