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    Baby You Are What My Dreams Are Made Of...


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    Baby You Are What My Dreams Are Made Of...

    Post  Fallen on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:32 pm

    You are the one my dreams are made of,
    Full of understanding, warmth and love.
    These feelings I thought for only fairytales,
    But you are the winds that fill my sails.
    The honesty we share between us two,
    Keeps this connection very dear and true.
    We can talk about good times, talk about bad.
    Talk about the present and the past that we had.
    You accept me for me, for who I am.
    My opinions and thoughts you never condemn.
    There’s nothing of me you ask or expect,
    We have for each other the deepest respect.
    It’s truly amazing how you make my heart smile,
    And you do it with such a graceful style.
    Keeping my heart smiling all through the day.
    And for you, I do thank God, when I pray.
    You are the warmth of the sun upon my face,
    You’re the calm to survive the rapid rat race.
    And when you say “Darling”, I get butterflies,
    Like a little girl, with puppy love in your eyes.
    You can melt all the tension and ease all the pain,
    Making all refreshed as a cleansing spring rain.
    And looking in your eyes, I can see the sunrise.
    And your excited hellos, like all the Fourth of Julys.
    When talking for hours, seems only minutes passed.
    And the conversation can forever last.
    Your hug, so firm, and yet so tender,
    Forces all my fears to immediately surrender.
    There’s a bond and a trust that’s so very strong.
    That I feel it is with you I truly want to belong.
    A feeling of security, a safe- haven if you may.
    Holding your hand I wish to forever stay.

    I love you With all My heart

    Together Forever Never Apart


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    Re: Baby You Are What My Dreams Are Made Of...

    Post  HAQ on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:26 am

    Always in my heart

    you make me feel more loved

    than I've ever felt

    and happier than I've ever dreamed.

    The love and understanding you have

    is something I have searched for

    my entire life.

    Always in my happiest

    and saddest moments,

    you are my best friend and confidante.

    I come to you for everything,

    and you listen to me without judgment.

    Always, deep within my soul,

    I know we have a love like no other.

    What we share is something others

    only hope for and dream of,

    but few ever experience.

    Our love is magical beyond belief.

    Always, without hesitation,

    you give of yourself completely.

    You have reached the very depths of my soul,

    bringing out emotions I never knew I had

    and unveiling an ability to love

    I never thought possible.

    Always and forever

    you will be my dream come true,

    the one I have waited for all these years.

    From now until the end of time,

    I will love only you.

    We will be together always INSHALLAH.

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