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    But most of all... You are you, and I love that.


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    But most of all... You are you, and I love that.

    Post  Fallen on Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:39 pm

    You have this power over me,
    This undescribable, undeniable, unmistakable power.
    You consume my mind.
    You invade my thoughts.
    You are the ruler of my dream world.
    You bring a smile to my face,
    A sparkle to my eyes,
    And a tear to my cheek.

    Your voice is like a sweet song,
    I am hearing for the first time.
    You take my breath away,
    With the simplest things your lips utter.
    You make me feel weightless,
    As though I could float up,
    And touch the heavens above.

    You make me look at life through new eyes,
    Eyes that have never seen the light of day,
    ...Until now.
    I feel as though I am using all my senses,
    For the first time,
    And suddenly everything I once knew,
    Is now unfamiliar to me.

    You fill every cell in my being,
    With joy, love and happiness.
    You make me want to stand up,
    And scream at the top of my lungs,
    "I love you, more than words could say."
    You make my heart soar,
    Like a bird in flight.
    But most of all...
    You are you, and I love that.

    It is this intense power you have over me,
    Which gives me strength, hope, and new meaning.
    You are my sun, my moon, my evening star,
    My light, my life, my love.
    You are my destiny.
    You are "The One",
    The only one,
    The man I love.

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    Re: But most of all... You are you, and I love that.

    Post  HAQ on Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:55 pm

    ♥ My love for u Runs deeper then the sea ♥
    ♥ no Place on earth I'd Rather be ♥

    ♥ in ur arms is where I belong ♥
    ... ♥ My heart My desires My Passions so strong ♥

    ♥ 2 be with u My love sharing Moments ♥
    ♥ endless in time gentle calm as the ocean ♥

    ♥ filled with Mysteries & emotions ♥
    ♥ captivating My every sense & notions ♥

    ♥ the treasures of love so genuine ♥
    ♥ is wht sweetheart in u I hv found ♥

    ♥ I'M ur best friend lover all u need ♥
    ♥ for u I will be in all the love I feel ♥

    ♥ u R My dream come true ♥
    ♥ 2 weather the storm sKies grey or blue ♥

    ♥ a Piece of heaven on earth gifts ♥
    ♥ & treasures I will forever cherish ♥

    ♥ a heavenly treasure so RaRe & true ♥
    ♥ it's all the love I've found in u.♥

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