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    I Am All Yours...


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    I Am All Yours...

    Post  HAQ on Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:08 pm

    I Am All Yours...

    My Eyes Are To Stare You...

    My Heart Is To Beat For You...

    My Mouth Is To Talk To You...

    My Arms Are To Hold You Tight...

    My Ears Are To Hear Your Sweet Voice...

    My Legs Are To Go For A Walk With You...

    My Shoulders Are To Put Your Head On... When You Need To...

    My Everything Is Only Yours Baby...

    I Am Only Yours... Forever... And For Eternit


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    Re: I Am All Yours...

    Post  Fallen on Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:20 am

    Nothing in this world
    Can change the way I feel
    Turn my thoughts from you, Love
    Or from this moment steal

    Because, Baby, I’m yours
    Until the stars no longer shine
    Until the earth revolves no more
    Until this poet runs out of rhyme

    For you have stolen my heart, Love
    Wrapped it up with silver and gold
    Laced it with diamonds and pearls
    Brought it in from the bitter cold

    No other love can take your place
    Put the sparkle in my eyes of blue
    Touch me through time and space
    Make me feel, Love, the way you do

    Because, Baby, I’m yours
    Always have been, always will
    It’s just that I didn’t know it before
    You know....that it was God’s will J

    I traced your name with my fingers
    Dot-to-dot, from star-to-star
    The man-in-the-moon and you dead ringers
    I exclaimed, "Wow! There you are!"

    I know, Love, without a doubt
    You are the one meant for me
    Until the seeds no longer can sprout
    Until the salt is sent from the sea

    Yes! Baby I’m yours!
    Can’t you feel it in the air?
    Feel the love seeping through your pores?
    Oh, Love, this love so rare?

    Our hearts in tune will always sing
    The most magical melody
    Striking the same note, to forever ring
    In sweetest synchronicity

    Because, Baby, I’m yours
    And you are mine
    Until we stand on Heaven’s shores
    And drink from the same cup of wine

    I will never leave you, Love
    I am devoted to you until the end
    My heart, my life, my love
    My very best eternal friend

    Until the day God calls us home
    Until we reach eternity’s shores
    Until the very last blessed poem
    Baby, I am
    Forever Yours!

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