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    A Little Girl's Aspirations..


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    A Little Girl's Aspirations..

    Post  Fallen on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:51 pm

    As the clouds slowly crept in, any one could foretell a story of the rain but despite it, Lisa glanced at the wall clock every so often; almost certain that her mother could defy the clouds and that nothing could spoil her plan for the day.

    Being the only child to a single parent; Lisa often craved attention from her mother, cherishing any time that they could spend together but lately there had hardly been any.

    Lisa and her mother had a picnic planned from about a week; her excitement held no boundaries as she stood by the window sill waiting for her mother in a cute little frock; which was a gift from her Granny Elizabeth.

    Lisa’s mum ‘Kim’ was a single mother who lived alone and her Granny baby sat while Kim worked at the hospital. With shoulder long blonde hair and deep soul searching brown eyes; at the tender age of 6; she kept Elizabeth on her toes; always full of mischief. However, today she had been particularly well behaved partly because the picnic had her mind occupied.

    It began to drizzle but nothing could dampen the excitement as her eyes stood frozen on the driveway waiting for her mother.

    Elizabeth watched as she observed her fragile little grandchild’s behaviour; a glance at the wall clock would tell anyone that Kim was running late again. Elizabeth quietly decided that perhaps it was time to distract Lisa, she called out to her grandchild; just then the phone rang and Granny had a quiet conversation with someone…


    “Mum… it’s me Kim.”

    “Yes dear… Is everything okay?”

    “Uhh yeah only I might be a little late today.”

    “What about Lisa’s picnic?”

    “Mum there are many emergency cases coming in today, I don’t know if I can leave the hospital. How is Lisa? Where is she?”

    “Lisa is fine, only now she will be heart broken. She was really looking forward to this picnic, she has been standing next to the window all afternoon.”

    “Sigh… I feel guilty enough mum, please just take care, all right?”




    After the call Granny lured Lisa away from the window, “I am sorry love, mum is really busy at work…” before she could continue Lisa shrugged, “This always happens… its not fair!” this said; Lisa ran upstairs to her room.

    A few minutes later Granny came into Lisa’s room with a strawberry milkshake.

    “Look dear, what I have for you.”

    Lisa lay on her bed with a pillow covering her face.

    “I don’t want anything!”

    “Oh sweetheart, don’t be that way.”

    Elizabeth sat beside Lisa and spoke as she gently stroked her hair.

    “Tell me something Lisa honey, what do you want to become when you grow up?” Granny said trying to divert Lisa’s mind.

    “Nothing!” Lisa folded her arms.

    “Surely you must have some aspirations…”

    Lisa looked at granny, suddenly interested, she asked, “Aspirations?”

    “Yes dear, aspirations are desires or dreams, so do you have any?”

    By now Lisa was sitting up drinking her milkshake, “Can we have more than one aspiration?” asked Lisa innocently.

    “Of course dear!”

    Lisa smiled, “Then my aspiration is to become an astronaut, a police officer, a teacher, a doctor and an engineer!”

    “My… my, those are some fine aspirations but why do you want to become them all?”

    “I want to become an astronaut because I like to fly and I want to live on the moon because it never rains there and we can have a picnic any day. Besides the moon is made up of cheese so all we need is a lot of bread slices and we can eat as many sandwiches as we want!” Lisa spoke wittingly.

    Granny smiled, “My sweet innocent child, whoever told you that the moon is made up of cheese?”

    “Jerry does…”

    “Jerry from school?”

    “No granny… Jerry from Tom & Jerry”

    Eizabeth chuckled, “Oh okay.”

    Lisa continued, “I want to be a police officer because then I will be able to stop all of the bad guys and nothing bad will ever happen. Then I will become a teacher and as a teacher I will take no exams and children will have longer breaks and when I become a doctor I will save and help people. I will make sure that no one EVER catches a fever or flu because I hate the flu shot… then at last I will become an engineer and make beautiful houses and buildings…”

    “Lisa, people who build houses are called architects.” corrected granny.

    Lisa thought for a moment and said, “Okay then I will become an architect too! But I will always make sure that if my children have to go on a picnic then I will always take them no matter how busy I am!” Lisa’s innocent comment made granny realise how mature her grandchild really was.

    Lisa had finished her shake and was lying down in granny’s lap covered in a blanket when she spoke;


    “Yes love?”

    “Granny sometimes I hate the rain because it spoils everything and everything becomes wet and I cannot play outside but then my teacher told me how important rain is. She said that if it doesn’t rain then we will have no water! Is that true?”

    “I am afraid she is very right dear.”

    “Granny when I grow up I will save water and trees...”

    Lisa paused for a moment and then continued, “Granny, can growing trees be my aspiration too?”

    “Lisa you may have as many aspirations as you like but make sure that they are what you really want.”

    “What do you mean granny?”

    “Well when a person aspires to do something he or she is willing to go to any extent to accomplish the goal that they have set for themselves. It is a very big commitment and responsibility. Are you sure, you are ready for such a big responsibility?”

    Lisa was quiet for a moment as she sat crossed legged on the bed. Then she had a twinkle in her eye, “Granny now I know what my true aspiration is!”

    Just then Lisa heard her mum’s car honk and ran up to the window as granny followed.

    “Look dear it has stopped drizzling!” granny commented.

    Lisa saw her mum pull into the driveway and ran downstairs to greet her mum;

    “Mum! You are home!”

    “Yes sweety. Go on wear your shoes and put on a jacket. You don’t want to be late for the picnic do you?”

    “No way!” exclaimed Lisa in excitement.

    She hurried to the closet while mum and granny talked;

    “Thank you for handling the situation mum”

    “I am just glad you made it in time Kim.”

    Just then Lisa ran over to her mum and tugged at her mum’s pants, “Mum do you know while I was waiting for you, I told granny about my aspirations!”

    Kim picked Lisa in her lap.

    “Really? So what are my beautiful baby’s aspirations?”

    “Mum my aspiration is that one day I will change the world!”

    Kim looked at Elizabeth and both the women smiled.

    “I am sure you will honey… I am sure you will.”


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    Re: A Little Girl's Aspirations..

    Post  HAQ on Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:38 am

    Beautiful sharing tnx my love

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