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    Try Believing In Yourself..


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    Try Believing In Yourself..

    Post  Fallen on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:32 pm

    A man entered a search for truth. A first religious man he met was sitting under the tree just outside his own village.
    He asked me: "I'm looking for a true champion. Pl tell the characteristics of
    His description is very simple. He said,
    "You are sitting under the tree this or that, sitting in the position of this or that, his hand making a particular gesture, which is enough to know that is the true master
    The plaintiff began looking, it is said that thirty years have passed, while they roamed the earth. He visited many places, but never met with the teacher,

    He met many masters, but none were true champion. He returned to his village completely exhausted.

    On returning he was surprised that I could not believe this old man sat under the same tree, and how I could see it was the same as the old man had spoken of
    "...... They sit in the tree ....." this or that and his attitude was exactly what I described. "It was the same position, he sat for thirty years
    I was blind?
    This is exactly the expression on his face, precise movements.

    He felt his feet, saying
    "Why did not you tell me that the first place?
    Why turn away from those 30 years?
    Why did not you tell me you're the true champion? "
    The old man said: I told you so, but they were not willing to listen.

    You were not ready to come home without migrants away, you had to knock on doors in a thousand homes to come
    your own home, then you could only go back, I said that every thing under a particular tree.
    I described this very tree I was sitting in the posture, but they were too fast, you could not hear clearly, that they were bent.

    you had some part in the research. Search
    It was very important to you. the truth was not so important.
    "But you came, I felt tired all the time sitting in this position for you.

    I wandered past thirty years, but think of me, sitting under the tree, I know that some day would come, but if I was dead? I waited for you, you came, you had to wander for 30 years, but it is their own fault, the captain was already there.

    "Many times in our lives we do not see what is around and within us and what we attract is the sweet distant drum sound, which are pulled by distant dreams.

    Try to believe in yourself and try to see inside, do not think he is a master in you.


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    Re: Try Believing In Yourself..

    Post  HAQ on Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:26 am

    Awesome post baby tnx muwaaaaaah

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