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    In life There Are Moments,


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    In life There Are Moments,

    Post  HAQ on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:04 pm

    In life there are moments,
    when you miss someone
    so much, that you wish
    you could grab them
    out of your dreams
    and hug them tight!
    When a door closes,
    Another one opens,
    But often we stand there
    so long looking at the closed door,
    That we do not see
    that one that’s opened.
    Do not look at
    physical appearances, they can be deceiving.
    Do not look at riches,
    For they are only temporary.

    Look for someone
    who makes you smile.
    Because sometimes
    it only takes a smile to brighten up a
    very dark day.
    Look for someone
    who makes your heart sing.
    Dream what you
    want to dream;
    Go where you want to go;
    Try to be who you
    really are;

    Because life is short, and often only gives
    one chance to do things..
    I wish you in life
    a lot of luck
    to feel good;

    Many trials
    to remain strong;

    Some tears
    to remain human;

    Lots of hope,
    to become happy.
    The really lucky people
    do not necessarily have
    the best of everything;

    They are the ones who
    make the most of
    whatever life
    throws at them.
    The most splendid future
    will always depend upon
    the necessity to
    release the past;

    You cannot move forward
    in life unless you learn
    from your past mistakes and move on.
    When you were born
    you were crying,
    while everybody around
    you was smiling.

    Always live your life
    smiling even when other people around you
    are crying.
    Send this message to
    people whom you
    really care about.
    Like I just did.
    … to those who have
    made an impact on you
    in some way or another.
    …to those who
    made you smile when you really needed it;
    …to those who make you
    see the positive side of everything
    just when you’ve hit rock bottom.
    ….to those whose friendship
    you care about.
    …to those whom
    you can’t do without.
    And even if you
    don’t send it to anyone,
    do not worry,
    nothing bad will happen.
    You just waste
    the possibility
    of brightening up someone’s life
    for a day!
    Life is not measured
    with the quantity
    of breaths you take, but with the quantity
    of moments that
    took your breath away!
    Hang in there!!
    Keep an eye out for
    The adventures in life
    That await you.
    And always
    remember that
    Life is beautiful


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    Re: In life There Are Moments,

    Post  Fallen on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:11 am

    There are moments in life when we move ahead of what we actually are.

    sprinkles of hope tainted with uncertain love.

    We all move on..

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