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    Post  HAQ on Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:09 am

    You have given me a treasure
    that's worth more than you could buy.
    The love I've always dreamed of,
    fell out of the sky.
    I'm convinced you were sent
    to prove that love is real
    An angel sent to show me
    how being loved should feel.
    When I look into those eyes of yours,
    I see deep inside of you.
    What I found is something
    that I'd only heard was true.
    An angel in the flesh, you stand in front of me
    offering the love that
    I've been searching for so desperately.
    I have prayed that you would come.
    I've been counting down the days.
    You have saved me, my love,
    in so many different ways.
    No matter what the future
    has in store for you and I,
    I'll cherish every second that passes us by.
    You have filled the empty place
    that's kept me from feeling whole.
    You have touched me and begun to heal me deep inside my soul.
    I never want to leave you wondering
    if my heart belongs to you.
    That should never be a question.
    No matter what we go through.
    Just watch, my love, and you will see
    that I belong to you alone.
    Love isn't just what's said out loud,
    it's also what is shown.
    You are proof that God hears me
    when I pray to him at night.
    He sent to me an angel that
    knows how to treat me right.
    Sometimes it's written in the stars. Some things are just meant to be.
    I believe that love always finds a way.
    Just the way it brought you to me.


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    Post  Fallen on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:33 am

    Nothing can be greater
    Nothing more strong
    Than the love I have for you
    This will be forever
    This will be a bond

    The one thing I have
    That is worth more than gold
    The love I have for you
    Will stand strong

    As long as I have you
    As long as this love is true
    I shall always be in happy bliss
    Holding on with all my might
    Floating in this happy sight

    Yes its true "I love you"
    Forever and ever
    With all I have
    With all I am
    I love you my baby.

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