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    You Have Stolen My Heart


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    You Have Stolen My Heart

    Post  HAQ on Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:23 pm

    What good is love without a rose?
    What is a heart without a soul?
    What good are dreams without having you?
    But in my dream I finally found you.

    The power of our love is as strong
    as when meteors collide,
    This tear of love sits on my lips waiting for you
    because it is there where he resides.

    Do you see my trembling fingers
    reaching out for you?
    Come feel this baby, because these feelings
    are too good to be true.

    I have never reached out for
    anything like this before
    But, now that I have,
    the feelings have sunk into my heart,
    down to the core!

    My love will caress your soul, ease your pains,
    and you will never feel alone,
    I will build an empire where you as my queen will
    rule on top of my throne.

    As a queen you may have all the riches
    right from the start,
    But the real gem is that
    you will always have my heart...

    Am I really as sensitive and as genuine
    as I claim to be?
    Look in my eyes and into my heart
    and your name is all you will see.

    Fallen is that name that has ended my search and has put my heart at ease,
    To get to my heart you must open many doors and, sweetheart, you have the keys.

    Now that you have opened up the doors
    and I have learned to love,
    My heart is no longer a threat,
    but it is as peaceful as a dove.

    As I don't expect a response to my poem
    being that it is done solely
    to express my love to you,
    Just having the opportunity
    to share my love with you
    is the best gift since I have met you.

    With all of the emotions, tears and love
    that travels through my body
    when I think of you,
    I have become a better man,
    not only for me, but for you too


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    Re: You Have Stolen My Heart

    Post  Fallen on Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:34 pm

    You have stolen my heart
    With love unknown
    The beauties in life
    To me you have shown
    The treasure of the heart
    You have let me explore
    I treasure your love
    Each day more and more

    So when I kiss you softly
    And you whisper in my ear so sweetly
    It's love that has brought me
    Your way my baby
    This sweet love with you
    I’m happy to share

    You have captured my heart,
    My greatest treasure
    Loving you……
    It’s my greatest pleasure
    In love I live
    Each moment in joy
    As each moment, each day
    With you I enjoy

    Stimulate my thoughts
    And capture my mind
    You are so sweet, so charming,
    And so divine
    The taste of you
    Is sweet as honey
    Hold me, love me,
    And enjoy my body

    It is yours to have,
    To love and to hold
    Forever and ever
    For life untold
    My love one wish
    Sure are you…
    To love you and hold you
    True and true

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