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    Love is inevitable!


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    Love is inevitable!

    Post  Fallen on Sat May 07, 2011 10:56 pm

    When love awakens consciousness, everything changes

    No one escapes from love.
    Even those hardened spirits in hatred and stubbornness,
    he subtly works in the house's secret heart. Sweetly with great skill, Love makes his abode in being silent.
    Love is inevitable! He does not come. You're done!

    Throughout the ages, inexorably, under the action of many experiences and karmic repercussions,
    all beings will find it in themselves.
    Even within the shadows of consciousness, it is!

    Quietly, behind the scenes consciousness, he works patiently,
    knowing that things change, and there are always chances of eternal and start learning.
    Yes, all are destined to love.

    And there's no one to measure the magnitude of its processing power in being.
    We only know that when love is realized, everything changes!

    And nothing will be as before. And that does not have the time or place.
    In the past, present or future, in the infinity of time - Aeons? Some time? Who knows?
    Is the love that always calls the shots and beat the game.

    Nobody sees it, and in moments of crisis - which also raises paradigm shifts old
    and worn out and allows new learning - many close and even deny solemnly.
    However, he is patient and know that everything changes.

    They surf in the infinite sky and hearts, softly, with great skill. There is no way to stop him!
    He knows everything, and inevitably will be perceived at the right time of awakening each.

    And, when someone discovers traveling across the sky of your heart, shall see it in others too. Then, everything changes and nothing will be as before.

    A continuing stream of good fortune will visit every fiber of your being from head to toe.
    And wondrous energies are externalized silently from his aura for everyone.
    This is the fate of all men, of all places.

    Even if they do not know it and allow yourself to think and act selfishly, Love will be on them.
    Who discovers this, albeit partial and without yet having fully awakened,
    is overcome with astonishment.
    He feels that some of that love is more than anything ever experienced before.

    Realizes that even the hardened spirits in darkness consciential feel some of that themselves.
    So they are fighting both against the awakening of consciousness,
    fear of the inevitable changes that cause the love in their hearts.

    Trevose know that the walls that have built around themselves fail
    to prevent the "big bang consciential 'to happen.

    They fear that only a spark of love becomes a super-nova in the sky of their hearts.
    So, as self-defense, say they are dark. However, like all beings, they are of love.
    Yes, feel a little of that love is worth everything!

    It makes us think that even those who carry the dark intentions and acts,
    also carries a secret treasure in the heart.

    It makes us think that all men are brothers, even though most still do not realize it properly.
    No matter! The awakening is inevitable, and Love is patient.

    There in the darkness of self is emerging as a new super-consciousness.

    Blessed is he who has seen this light hatching perennially love in your heart.
    "Without Love nobody follows ..."


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    Re: Love is inevitable!

    Post  HAQ on Tue May 10, 2011 2:47 am

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