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    The Depths Of My Love


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    The Depths Of My Love

    Post  HAQ on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:12 pm

    Rivers of my love run deep,
    Into the valleys of your heart,

    Neither height, nor depth,
    Nor mountains too wide,

    Could show you,
    The depths of my Love,

    Way beyond the seas,
    Throughout all eternity,

    Could never show you,
    The depths of my love,

    Into the sun,
    Far beyond the sky,

    A thousand tears,
    That I have cried,

    Could never show you,
    The depths of my love,

    Forgiveness beyond measure,
    Memories to treasure,

    Love written as a lullaby,
    Enchanted dreams of you and I,

    Could never show you,
    The depths of my love,

    Miles and time,
    Song and rhyme,

    Money or gain,
    life or pain,

    Could never show you,
    The depths of my love,

    Loving me, embracing me,

    Will show you the depths of my love.


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    Re: The Depths Of My Love

    Post  Fallen on Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:27 am

    Eternity Of Your Love

    Your love is... an ocean,
    Where sand meets the sea,
    Waves of love rolling over me,

    Your love comes to me,
    As the tide comes to the shore,
    Wanting and needing to embrace me more,

    Your love is... the moon,
    Shinning across the shimmering sea,
    Deep, wide, strong, and calm.
    Always there to carry me..

    Your love is... my shelter,
    My compass, my true north,
    Where ever I go, your love is guiding me forth,

    Your love is.... the fresh ocean breeze,
    Gently sweeping across my face,
    Touching me from place to place,

    Your love is...
    The salty air I smell,
    Clearing my thoughts and thinking,

    Your love is...
    The life preserver that keeps me from sinking,

    When I go there to the sea,
    I am not alone, for your love is with me,

    I feel you all around,
    The beauty, the wind, the mystery,

    Your love engulfs me,
    Takes my breath away,
    Holds me in wind's arms,

    When I close my eyes,
    Dancing memories of your charms,
    Never escape my deepest memory,

    So if ever our souls part to say goodbye,
    Meet me there, where the sea meets the sky,

    Your love will forever be with me,
    Where the sands touch the sea,

    Our love lives on,
    Our love flows back out into all eternity.

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