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    When I'm With You,


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    When I'm With You,

    Post  HAQ on Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:53 pm

    When I'm with you,

    eternity is a step away,

    my love continues to grow,

    with each passing day.

    This treasure of love,

    I cherish within my soul,

    how much I love you...

    you'll never really know.

    You bring a joy to my heart,

    I've never felt before,

    with each touch of your hand,

    I love you more and more.

    Whenever we say goodbye,

    whenever we part,

    know I hold you dearly,

    deep inside my heart.

    So these seven words,

    I pray you hold true,

    "Forever And Always,

    I Will Love You."



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    My Guy.

    Post  Fallen on Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:27 am

    Noooo matter what I do,
    No matter what I say,
    No matter how I feel,
    I know we'll be together someday.

    You've been pulled away from me,
    so I helped to push you back,
    now I know what I lack.

    I miss your arms around me,
    and when I used to giggle.
    I miss you touching me,
    that always made me wiggle.

    I know we'll be together someday,
    I know fate will have it's way.
    It’s our destiny.
    I love you Haq.

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