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    Words cant explain the love that i feel..


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    Words cant explain the love that i feel..

    Post  Fallen on Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:32 am

    Words cant explain the love that i feel
    This feeling I have thats just so real
    The touch of your hand
    The warmth of your kiss
    There is not a single one that I want to miss
    The happiness I feel laying in your arms
    Safe and secure, without any harm
    The way you make me smile, when Im so blue
    You always make me laugh,you know just what to do
    The way you make me want you when i stare into your eyes
    I could never feel this way with any other guy
    With your arm tight around me I feel so close to you
    You brush my hair off my face and whisper "I love you"
    I get really mad and we have a big fight
    But you'll still grab my hand and hold it real tight
    I love everything about you
    And the love you show for me
    I know deep inside my heart, that we will always be
    The only way I can explain this love is with everything you do
    Thanks so much for everything
    And for that I'll always love you my baby..


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    Re: Words cant explain the love that i feel..

    Post  HAQ on Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:59 am

    U make me feel higher than the moon
    this warm feeling u give me inside
    there could be no better
    it feels like no more i have to hide

    u brought me out of myself
    showed the world what i had to give
    i cant believe i finally found
    the one that i wanna be with

    this feeling is so hard to explain
    like no words exist to show how i mean
    its better than floating upon cloud nine
    UV give my heart a brand new sheen

    this is one love I'm not letting go
    I'm gonna hold on tight
    and make us last
    cos the love we feel is oh so right

    i know u feel the same
    and not just cos u tell me so
    its the little things you do for us
    its like we're never on a low

    there's just one more thing that i wish
    for you and me to never part
    i want to keep the love we share
    as fresh as from the start

    I'm gonna stop this rhyming now
    for those of u who know
    love cant be written in words
    its in the little things u show!

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