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    You Are My Everything


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    You Are My Everything

    Post  HAQ on Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:57 am

    Everyday I wonder the reason why,
    Why you are always on my mind.
    My heart beat faster when I hear your name,
    Your voice brings sunshine to my life.

    Every time I see your sweet smile,
    And feel your warm embrace.
    I feel so happy and lucky,
    You are my everything.

    I didn’t know why I feel this,
    To have someone like you I could only wish.
    Its hard to believe this isn’t a dream,
    You’re everything I ever wanted.

    There just has to be a reason why,
    Why I love you this way.
    I can't say any words every time I look into your eyes.
    How could I deserve somebody as perfect as you,

    You deserve more and not me.
    How could you care about somebody like me,
    I am just an ordinary girl,
    How you could be here holding my heart.

    Promise me that you’ll never leave,
    For I can’t afford to loose you.
    My real love is all I can offer to you,
    Please hold these heart forever.

    You are my everything,
    I care for you so much, words could never say.
    You mean more than the world to me,
    And I could never live without you.

    You are my life and a world to me,
    I could not ask for more.
    I love you so much more than anything else,
    You are my everything.


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    Re: You Are My Everything

    Post  Fallen on Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:35 am

    You are my everything
    My heart and soul
    I thought I had dug my grave
    But you pulled me out of that hole

    When I am lost in the dark
    You are my shinning light
    You chase away the darkness
    That haunts my dreams at night

    You are my strength
    That carries me to another tomorrow
    You are my hope
    That replaced my everlasting sorrow

    You are my healer
    That healed all my scars
    You are my angel
    Sent from the brightest of stars

    When I thought there was nothing more
    And my life was at an end
    You came into my life
    And my heart you did mend

    You are my joy
    That filled my empty heart
    You made my life whole
    When it was torn apart

    When I found you
    I was free from all torment
    You are my angel
    That was heaven sent

    You mean so much to me
    You are the only one I adore
    You are my everything
    I could ask for nothing more..

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