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    60 Ways To keep ur wife's Love..!!


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    60 Ways To keep ur wife's Love..!!

    Post  HAQ on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:05 am

    1- Make her feel secure- don’t joke about divorcing her, this will put a hole in your marriage.

    2- Always greet her whenever you arrive .

    3- Your wife is a fragile vessel so take care of her- In this vessel there is a lot of goodness so treat her in a gentle manner.

    4- Advice her in privacy and the best timing. Don’t advice her in the presence of others, it can be a type of humility .

    5- Be generous with her .

    6- Move out of your way for her, when she’s coming to sit get up and let her sit on your seat .

    7- Avoid anger.

    8- Look good for her and smell great.

    9- Don’t be rigid, you will broken- just because you are a man doesn’t mean you have to be harsh hearted .

    10- Be a good listener .

    11- Say yes for flattering and no for arguing.

    12- Call your wife with the best names she likes to hear.

    13- Surprise her secretly. Pick and choose in surprising her, be an artist in surprising her pleasantly .

    14- Preserve the tongue .

    15- Accept her shortcomings/ everyone has one .

    16- Show your appreciation to her .

    17- Encourage her to be in touch with her kin relations .

    18- Speak topics of her interest.

    19- Speak of her goodness in the presence of others .

    20- Shower her with gifts. The Prophet Muhammad said: give gifts and you’ll love each other’ It’s doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the gift is, it’s the thought that counts!

    21- Get rid of the same old routine once in a while, scrub the rust. Example: Buy her ticket to a vacation cruise or something that she will enjoy.

    22- Think good of her .

    23- Ignore some of the words/actions you don’t like .

    24- Add a drop of patience- It can go a long way- Example: at her time of pregnancy…etc .

    25- Expect and respect her jealousy.

    26- Be humble .

    27- Don’t put a price on her happiness.

    28- Help her around household chores just like Prophet Muhammad did.

    29- You can’t force her to love her in laws, but help her respect and love your parents.

    30- Show her that she is an ideal wife; each and every wife is an ideal wife in many ways, so make her feel that.

    31- Make dua’a (pray) for her and always remember her in your Prayers.

    32- Leave her past to ALLAH .

    33- Don’t show her that you are doing favors by doing your duties .

    34- Satan is your enemy NOT your wife!

    35- When eating, don’t only feed yourself, feed her TOO! - Not only does it go to the stomach but to the heart too.

    36- Look at her as a precious pearl, treat her and take care of her like a precious pearl .

    37- Speaking of pearls show her YOUR pearls SMILE! . Don’t put your smile out-of-service when you reach home! Don’t be rigid, smiling is Sadaqah (Sadaqah (plural sadaqat) is an Islamic term that means "voluntary charity". Prescribed charity collected or received for public welfare is known as Zakat.This concept encompasses any act of giving out of compassion, love or generosity (e.g. famine appeals).

    38- Don’t hold grudges. Deal with the littlest matters and don’t ignore them, it will build up and will create a wall between you and your wife.

    39- Avoid being harsh hearted and moody.

    40- Respect her thinking; her thinking strengthens you.

    41- Help her discover/develop her skills and her success within .

    42- Respect the boundaries of the intimate relationship- it’s a fragile matter.

    43- Help her with the children; it’s not only her job it’s yours too!

    44- Complement her! give her the gifts of the tongues .

    45- Don’t be a stranger to her meals, know your wife’s meals, and eat her food.

    46- Let her know when you are traveling don’t just disappear, and also let her know about your arrival.

    47- When arguments arise, deal with it and don’t run away from it.

    48- Don’t share your home secrets with your friends. Keep your privacy, and don’t make it a garage sale.

    49- Encourage each other to worship/obey ALLAH Go for umrah (pilgrimage) together; listen to a lecture/recitation.

    50- Engrave her rights in your heart and in your conscious .

    51- Treat her with kindness through happiness and sorrow .

    52- Don’t jump on your wife like a ball!, in fact polish your love with many kisses-
    A kiss is a messenger- alqubulah rasool

    53- When disputes happen between you and your wife, don’t go and share it with the whole world.

    Don’t leave your wounds open for the germs .

    54- Show her that you care for her health.

    55- Don’t think that you are right all the time!-No one Is perfect but Allah
    56- Share you happiness and sorrow with her.

    57- Have mercy on her.

    58- Be the shoulder she can lean on!

    59- Accept her as she is, she’s a bent rib so don’t try to straighten it.

    *Side note: A dear friend once said: “a bent rib cannot be straightened, and in fact the beauty of it lies within its curve!”

    60- Have good intentions for your wife.


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    Re: 60 Ways To keep ur wife's Love..!!

    Post  Fallen on Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:02 am

    I think you will find my reply on the other post, which basically shares the same views as this post..

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