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    Silent teardrops...


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    Silent teardrops...

    Post  Fallen on Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:20 am

    So what if today we are far apart
    U still reside in the hidden corner of my heart
    So what if u don’t treat me as a friend any more?
    I am learning to smile again; I will be successful for sure,
    Whenever I miss u, I just get lost in memories of olden days
    I still remember those lovely days, when in ur arms I use to lay

    So easily u moved on n now u treat me as stranger
    Still i tried to help u out but then u took me as a challenger
    Sometimes I feel so hurt that I lock myself in room n loudly I shout
    Its u who was wrong, its u who lied, n then its u who have doubts?
    My poems were never to blame u, they were just my feeling’s portray
    Its u who played with my feeling, then why cant I call ur fake love a betray?

    Sometimes I curse my fate, because I met u, because I loved u
    My feelings were true, tell me, that’s why am i in blues?
    Today, i try to run away from this feeling called love.
    Because a heartless person came in my life n acted like a dove,

    But the bitter truth is, I am still in love with you
    I still wish to spend some moments even if they r few
    I cry a lot then try to find u in my tears………….
    That crying never gave me pain but brought both of us near
    Perhaps unconsciously I am trying to dream of that time
    When world will be beautiful, I will be yours n u will be mine
    You will be mine……………
    You will be mine…………….
    You will be mine……………
    You will be mine…………….


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    Re: Silent teardrops...

    Post  HAQ on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:44 am

    My Angel, My Sweet,

    How I long for us once again to meet.

    How I long to run my fingers though your hair

    and to smell your suculent perfume in the air.

    Oh how I long to feel your face,

    and to sense your gentle presence all over the place.

    I want to caress your entire body so tenderly,

    as I hold you so close, oh so lovingly.

    And when we kiss, your passion I do taste.

    How I long for the time that separates us to make haste.

    For it is by many a mile that we are apart,

    but never fear, My Angel, My Sweet, it is for you that

    beats my heart.

    And that alone is enough for now to sense you near,

    Until the day your melodic voice I once again do hear.

    It is your love that once upon a time set me free,

    And now it is with you, My Angel, My Sweet, forever

    together I want to be.

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