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    ---- I Love You ----


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    ---- I Love You ----

    Post  HAQ on Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:40 pm

    I Love You

    With my every breath,
    With all I have left,
    From the deepest depths,
    Of my heart, I love you.
    With all of my strength,
    With a thousand miles' length,
    Every thought I think,
    I think that I love you.
    For the length of forever,
    As long as we're together,
    Through good and bad weather,
    For always, I love you.
    When no one is there,
    When you think no one cares,
    When love seems too rare,
    Remember, I love you.
    When everything's gone,
    When all has withdrawn,
    When hopelessness dawns,
    Don't forget, I love you.
    When you fall down,
    When your dreams come unwound,
    When hope can't be found,
    Be happy, I love you.
    When you make mistakes,
    When you're filled with hate,
    When you're old and gray,
    Even then, I'll love you.
    Until the very end of days,
    Until God takes my breath away,
    Until death separates our ways,
    Even after then, I


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    Re: ---- I Love You ----

    Post  Fallen on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:24 am

    The Pages of My Heart

    It's the deepest of emotions,
    igniting a candle of love
    A flame forever burning, so
    deeply for only you and I
    It's the happiness you have
    fulfilled inside my heart
    That has truly caused heavens
    angels to never again cry.

    It's your warm heart that has
    captivated mine, darling
    It's you who holds my heart
    deep within your hands
    It's you who is beautiful as
    an sunset over the horizon
    And it's you who has left
    footprints in my heart's sand.

    It's the way you've expressed
    your love for me darling
    That has made me fall, even
    deeper in love with you
    It's the way you show your
    affection towards me
    That made me realize your love
    is everlasting and true.

    It's your love, written in the
    pages of my heart darling
    A chapter that will never end
    as long as you'll love me
    It's with you where I truly
    know my heart belongs
    You are the treasure forever
    buried in my heart's sea.

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