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    I'm thankful to the ONE above..


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    I'm thankful to the ONE above..

    Post  Fallen on Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:23 am

    My Baby, My Love, My Everything.

    The day you came into my life, was so special to me
    That now on this moment, I want the whole world to see:
    I can't live without your love
    For that I'm thankful to the One above
    He gave me what I need
    So now I can proof to everybody our love is more then just the heath!
    For you I would give up everything, so please understand
    That I'll never ever let you slip out of my hands!
    All these words are coming from the heart
    And I already knew from the start
    That you and me together
    Everyday is going to be better
    All the time that people see us shine
    I'm so proud to tell them that you are mine!

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    Re: I'm thankful to the ONE above..

    Post  HAQ on Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:25 pm

    Baby I love you,
    More than you will ever know.
    You are my one and only,
    You make me feel safe and warm.

    Baby I love you,
    You are my world.
    You make me smile,
    You make me feel secured.

    Baby I love you,
    You are the twinkle in me eye.
    Baby you are the one,
    That can make everything alright.

    Baby I love you,
    You make me feel everything I've never felt.
    You make me feel all tingly inside,
    You make me heart melt.

    Baby I need you,
    Always right here beside me.
    Because you are my everything,
    My one and only.

    Baby I need you,
    You're the sunshine during rain.
    You make everything better,
    You make me feel everything but insane.

    Baby I need you,
    Always by my side.
    Because you are the one I love,
    And the one that helps me feel better when I cry.

    Baby I care for you,
    You are my happiness during down times.
    Baby I know I can always turn to you,
    You make the words just flow to these rhymes.

    Baby I care for you,
    You are my heart and soul.
    Baby you are the only one,
    That makes me feel whole.

    Baby I care for you,
    You are the smile in my heart.
    You are the one,
    That makes everything better when I'm falling apart.

    Baby I care for you,
    You make me complete.
    You make me feel wonderful,
    From my head to my feet.

    Baby you are the one,
    I want for the rest of my life.
    You are the one I need,
    I can't wait to become your husband.

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